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Several of our books have been signed or inscribed by their author, illustrator or other contributor. Others have interesting histories and have been signed or inscribed by their original owners.

We hope the photographs attached to this page are of use to you in any research or in checking the signatures in books you own or are thinking of buying.

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Further biographical details are available for most entries from official web sites, Wikipedia or other internet sources as stated - please click the link in the third column to go to the relevant entry (however please remember that whilst Wikipedia and unofficial web sites are generally reliable some entries are unverified and may contain inaccuracies).

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Adams, Henry (1838 - 1918) - American journalist, novelist, historian and academic. Grandson of American President John Quincy Adams and Great-Grandson of America's First President, John Adams
Akunin, Boris (b1956) - pen name of the Russian writer Grigory Chkhartishvili, writer of the Erast Fandorin series of detective novels
Alice (Princess), Countess of Athlone (Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline, 1883 - 1981) - Member of the British Royal Family and the last surviving grandchild of Queen Victoria
Alsop, Stewart (1914 - 1974) - American writer, columnist and political analyst
Amis, Martin (b1949) - British novelist, Professor of Creative Writing at the Centre for New Writing at the University of Manchester (until 2011), son of Kingsley Amis
Arthur, Max (b1939) - British historian and author, awarded the OBE in 2013 for services to military history.
Avebury (Lord) - Sir John Lubbock (1834 - 1913) - British Liberal politician, banker and philanthropist who made a significant contribution to archaeology and the care of ancient monuments.
Bacon, Leonard (1887 - 1954) - American poet, Winner of the 1940 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for "Sunderland Capture"
Bail, Murray (b1941) - Australian author
Banks, Iain M. (1954 - 2014) - Scottish science fiction author and creator of the "Culture" series (also writes non-science fiction novels under the name Iain Banks)
Barnes, Julian (b1946) - British author, winner of the 2011 Man Booker Award (also an award winning writer of crime fiction under the pseudonym Dan Kavanagh)
Beevor, Antony (b1946) - British historian and author (best known for his military histories including "Stalingrad" and "Crete: The Battle and the Resistance")
Begin, Menachem (1913 - 1992) - Polish-born Israeli Prime Minister (1977 - 1983) and Nobel prize-winner
Bennett, Alan (b1934) - English author, screenwriter, playwright and actor
Bennett, Arnold (1867-1931) - British author and journalist
Berkoff, Steven (b1937) - British actor, writer and director
Betjeman, Sir John (1906 - 1984) - English poet, writer and broadcaster, Poet Laureate 1972 - 1984.
Bewick, Thomas (1753-1828) - English wood engraver and ornithologist
Bland, Colin (b1938) - South African Test cricketer
Botham, Ian (b1955) - Somerset, Worcestershire and England Test Match cricketer, cricket commentator
Bowdler Sharp, Richard (1847 - 1909) - British Zoologist
Boyd, William (b1952) - Scottish author and screenwriter
Brassey, Lord (Thomas Brassey, 1836 - 1918) - British Liberal Party politician, Governor of the Australian State of Victoria (1895 - 1900) and founder of The Naval Annual / Naval Review
Broad, Chris (b1957) - Gloucestershire and Nottinghamshire county cricketer, England Test cricketer and ICC Test Official
Broadribb, Edward Alfred (Ted) (1888 - 1968) - British boxer, manager, referee and promoter
Broonzy, "Bill Bill" (William Lee Conley Broonzy, c1893 - 1958) - American blues singer, songwriter and guitarist.
Brymer, Jack (John Alexander Brymer OBE, 1915 - 2003) - English clarinettist ("the leading clarinettist of his generation, perhaps of the century" - The Times, 27 January 1995).
Bryson, Bill (b1951) - American travel, science and language / culture writer; Chancellor of Durham University 2005 - 2011.
Byatt, Dame A. [Antonia] S. [Susan] (b1936) - British author and critic, winner of the Booker Prize in 1990 for "Possession", appointed CBE in 1990 and DBE in 1999.
Byrd, Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn (1888 - 1957) - American polar explorer and aviator
Carr, J. [Joseph] L. [Lloyd] (1912 - 1994) - British author and publisher best known for "A Month In The Country", founder of "The Quince Tree Press"
le Carre, John (b1931) - pen name of the British author David Cornwell (author of "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold")
Cartwright, Justin (b1945) - British author
Cleary, Jon (1917 - 2010) - Australian author (best known for "The Sundowners")
Cloete, Stuart (1897 - 1976) - South African author
Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur (1859 - 1930) - British author and physician, creator of Sherlock Holmes
Cooper, Sir Henry (1934 - 2011) - English Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Cornwell, Bernard (b1944) - British historical author, creator of "Richard Sharpe"
Cornwell, Patricia (b1956) - American crime writer
Coward, Sir Noel Peirce (1899 - 1973) - English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer.
Crisp, Quentin (Denis Charles Pratt, 1908 - 1999) - English writer (author of "The Naked Civil Servant").
Curtis, Tony (Bernard Schwartz, 1925 - 2010) - American actor
Darling, William (1885 - 1962) - Scottish politician, Unionist Member of Parliament for the Edinburgh South constituency (1945-1957)
Dickens, Monica (1915 - 1992) - English novelist, non-fiction and children's author; great granddaughter of Charles Dickens
Dimbleby, Jonathan (b1944) - British writer, broadcaster and political commentator
Dobbs, Michael (b1948) - British author and speech-writer
Drabble, Margaret (b1939) - English novelist and biographer
Duncan, Ronald (1914 - 1982) - British writer, poet and playwright. Prepared the libretto for Benjamin Britten's "The Rape of Lucretia", author of the epic poem "Man" (1970 - 1974).
Dunnett, Dorothy (1923 - 2001) - Scottish historical author
Dyson, William [Will] Henry (1880 - 1938) - Australian cartoonist and illustrator
Evans, Godfrey (CBE, 1920 - 1999) - Engand and Kent cricket wicket-keeper ("... arguably the best wicket-keeper the game has ever seen" - Wisden)
Fatty, Alta - Roycroft Press illuminator (wife of "Bert" Hubbard II with whom she jointly ran the Roycrofters after it's founder, Elbert Hubbard's, death on the Lusitania in 1915)
Faulks, Sebastian (b1953) - British author and journalist
Fenby, Jonathan (b1942) - British journalist, editor and writer
Fiennes, Ranulph (b1944) - British explorer, mountaineer and author
Finzi, Joy (1907 - 1991) - British portrait artist
Fleischer, Nat (1887 - 1972) - American boxing writer and founder of "The Ring" magazine
Fleming, Peter (1907 - 1971) - British adventurer and travel writer, older brother of Ian Fleming
Foot, Michael (1913 - 2010) - British Labour Party politician, journalist and author. Leader of the Labour Party (1980-1983)
Forbes, Colin (1923 - 2006) - popular British novelist who also wrote under the names of Richard Raine, Jay Bernard, Harold English and (for three novels only) under his real name of Raymond Sawkins.
Foster-Forbes, John (1889 - 1958) - English archaeologist, author and occultist, author of "The Unchronicled Past".
Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird, 1887 - 1965) - British cartoonist and Editor of "Punch". Best known for his Second World War and London Underground posters.
Fowles, John (1926 - 2005) - British writer (author of "The Collector" and "The French Lieutenant's Woman")
Francis, Dick (1920 - 2010) - British author
Frayn, Michael (b1933) - British novelist and playwright
Frost, Sir David (1939 - 2013) - British journalist, writer, interviewer and presenter (best known for "That Was The Week That Was" (TW3) and his 1977 interviews with Richard Nixon
Guinness, Sir Alec (1914 - 2000) - Academy Award winning British actor
Harkaway, Nick (b1972) - British author of "The Gone-Away World", "Tigerman" and "The Blind Giant: Being Human In A Digital World".
Harris, Frank (1856 - 1931) - Irish author, editor, journalist and publisher
Harris, Robert (b1957) - British novelist, former journalist and television reporter
Haskell, Arnold Lionel (1903 - 1980) - British journalist and dance critic
Heath, Edward (1916 - 2005) - British Conservative Party politician, yachtsman and musician. Prime Minister (1970-1974), Leader of the Conservative Party (1965-1975)
Heston, Charlton (1923 - 2008) - American film, television and theatre actor; President of the National Rifle Association of America (1998 - 2003)
Higgins, Jack (Harry Patterson, b1929) - British author
Hosking, Eric (1909 - 1991) - British ornithologist and photographer
Howard - Lady Rosalind (1845 - 1921) - Countess of Carlisle, President of the North of England Temperance League and President of the British Women's Temperance Association
Hubbard, Elbert (1856 - 1915) - American writer, publisher and artist, founder of the Roycroft Press (Roycrofters)
Hubert, Henri (1872 - 1927) - French archaeologist
Hunt, Cecil (1902 - 1954) - British author, anthologist and journalist
Hutchings, Monica (189? - 1977) - British author of several books on rural life
Huxley, Aldous (1894 - 1963) - British author, best known for "Brave New World"
Inge, William (1913 - 1973) - Pulitzer Prize winning American playwright and novelist
Jacobs, John OBE (b1925) - British professional golfer, coach and writer
Jacobson, Howard (b1942) - British author, journalist and broadcaster. Winner of the 2010 Man Booker Prize for "The Finkler Question"

Johnston, Paul (b1957) - Scottish crime novelist and poet

Keenan, Brian (b1951) - Irish author
Kelly, Eric P. (1884 - 1960) - American author, journalist and academic
Knott, Alan (b1946) - England and Kent wicket keeper and batsman.
Lawrence, Frieda (1879 - 1956) - wife of D. H. Lawrence
Leakey, Louis Seymour Bazett (1903 - 1972) - Kenyan-born British archaeologist and naturalist, pioneer of early human evolutionary development in Africa (most notably in the excavations at Olduvai Gorge)
Leigh-Fermor, Patrick (1915 - 2011) - British author and soldier, best known for his travel writing - most notably for "A Time Of Gifts"
Lively, Penelope (b1933) - British author
Lodge, David (b1935) - British author
Lubbock, Sir John (1834 - 1913) - see "Avebury, Lord"  
Lutyens, Edith Mary (1908 - 1999) - British author and biographer
McDonald, Sir Trevor (b1939) - Trinidad-born British news reader, author and journalist
McNab, Andy (b1959) - pseudonym of former British SAS operative, now a full-time novelist
Markowitz, Arthur - South African author  
Marshall, Sybil (1913 - 2005) - English writer, teacher and educationalist
Martin-Jenkins, Christopher (1945 - 2013) - BBC cricket commentator / journalist, author and past-President of the MCC
Middleton, Earl (William St John Brodrick) (1856 - 1942) - British Conservative Party statesman, Under-Secretary of State for War (1895-1898) and Foreign Affairs (1898-1900), Secretary of State for War (1900-1903) and Secretary of State for India (1903-1905)
Millin, Sarah Gertrude (1889 - 1968) - South African writer, historian and biographer
Mitchell, David (b1969) - British author
Moore, George (1852-1933) - Irish author, poet and critic
Morris, Kenneth (1879 - 1937) - Welsh author and theosophist
Munro, Alice (b1931) - Canadian author, winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature for being "master of the contemporary short story".
Ness, Patrick (b1971) - American author and journalist
Nicholson, William (OBE, b1948) - British screenwriter, playwright and novelist.
O'Brien, Edna (b1930) - Irish author
Oakeshott, Ewart (1916 - 2002) - British illustrator and historian (specialising in medieval arms and armour - a Founder Member of the Arms and Armour Society and the Founder of the Oakeshott Institute)
Palin, Michael (b1943) - British Monty Python comedian, writer, television and film actor
Peake, Mervyn (1911 - 1968) - British writer, poet, artist and illustrator. Author of the Gormenghast books.
Phillips, Marie (b1976) - British author
Piper, John (1903 - 1992) - British artist, print-maker and designer of stained glass windows.
Powell, Michael (1905 - 1990) - British film director
Price, Edward Reynolds (1933 - 2011) - American author, poet and Professor of English at Duke University
Pullman, Philip (b 1946) - British author, best known for the "His Dark Materials" trilogy.
Puttnam, David (b1941) - British film producer, became a Life Peer in the British House of Lords in 1997 as Baron Puttnam of Queensgate
Rackham, Arthur (1867 - 1939) - British illustrator
Randall, Derek (b 1951) - Nottinghamshire county and England Test cricketer
Read, Sir Herbert (1893 - 1968) - British poet, author and literature / art critic, best known for his 1935 novel "The Green Child"
Reichs, Kathy (b1950) - American crime writer and anthropologist
Redgrove, Peter (1932 - 2003) - British poet
Rendell, Ruth (b1930) - English crime writer, creator of Inspector Wexford (also writes as Barbara Vine)
Rice, Sir Tim (b1944) - British lyricist and author (co-writer of "Evita", "Jesus Christ Superstar", etc)
Richards, Sir Vivian [Viv] (b1952) - former West Indian cricketer,
Rimington, Stella (b1935) - British author and former Director-General of MI5

Roberts, Cecil (1892 - 1976) - British author, poet and journalist

Rowntree, Benjamin Seebohm (1871 - 1954) - British industrialist and social reformer.
Russell, Jack (b1963) - England and Gloucestershire cricket wicket-keeper, artist and coach.
Samuel, Viscount Herbert (1870 - 1963) - British Liberal Party politician and diplomat
Seitz, Raymond G. H. (b1940) - American diplomat, Ambassador to the United Kingdom (1991 - 1994)
Seth, Vikram (b1952) - Indian poet, novelist, travel writer and biographer
Sherman, Charles Taylor (1811 - 1869) - eldest brother of General William Tecumseh Sherman and District Judge for the US District Court, Northern Ohio
Sillitoe, Alan (1928 - 2010) - English writer (author of "The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner" and "Saturday Night And Sunday Morning")
Siochain, Padraig Augustine O (1905 - 1995) - Irish language activist, author, journalist and lawyer
Simpson, John (CBE, b1944) - British journalist, author, broadcaster and BBC News World Affairs Editor.
Sloane, Eric (1905 - 1985) - American landscape painter and author
Smith, Wilbur (b1933) - South African author (born Northern Rhodesia / Zambia)
Steel, David (b1938) - British and Scottish politician, Leader of the Liberal Party (1976 - 1988), first Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament (1999 - 2003), author
Stevenson, Patric (1909 - 1983) - British artist, past President of the Royal Ulster Academy
Sullivan, Edmund J (1869 - 1933) - British illustrator
Swanton, Ernest William [Jim] (1907 - 2000) - British sports journalist, cricket writer and commentator
Swift, Graham (b1949) - British author, winner of the Booker Prize for Fiction in 1996 for "Last Orders"
Thayer, William Roscoe (1859 - 1923) - American poet, author, editor and historian
Theroux, Paul (b1941) - American travel writer and novelist
Thesiger, Wilfred (1910 - 2003) - British explorer and travel writer
Thomas, Leslie (1931 - 2014) - Welsh writer (author of "The Virgin Soldiers")
Thorpe, Adam (b1956) - British poet, novelist and playwright
Thubron, Colin CBE (b1939) - British travel writer and novelist, current President of the Royal Society of Literature
Todd, Richard OBE (1919 - 2009) - Irish born British actor and soldier
Tomlinson, H. (Henry) M. (Major) (1873 - 1958) - British journalist and author (best known for his travel writing and tales of life at sea)
Tremain, Rose (b1943) - British author
Trollope, Joanna (b1943) - British author
Trueman, Frederick (Fred; Freddie) (1931 - 2006) - Yorkshire and England Test Match cricketer (best known for his fast bowling -"Fiery Fred"); television presenter
Vine, Barbara - see "Rendell, Ruth"  
Vitry, Louise (c1818 - ?) - French artist  
Walker, Alice (b1944) - Pulitzer Prize winning author of "The Color Purple"
Waller, Robert (1913 - 2005) - English poet, radio producer and ecologist.
Warner, Jack (1895 - 1981) - British television and film actor
Waterhouse, Keith (1929 - 2009) - British author and screenwriter
Waugh, Auberon (1939 - 2001) - British author and journalist
Weldon, Fay (b1931) - British author
Welensky, Sir Roy (1907 - 1991) - Prime Minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Rhodesian Heavyweight Boxing Champion (1926 - 1928)
Welsh, Louise (b1965) - Scottish author of "The Cutting Room" and other works of crime fiction
Wesley, Mary (1912 - 2002) - British author of "The Camomile Lawn"
Widdecombe, Ann (b1947) - former British Conservative Party politician (until 2010), now a novelist
Wilson, Harold (1916 - 1995) - British Labour Party politician and Prime Minister (1964-1970 and 1974-1976)
Winchester, Simon (b1944) - British author and journalist
Winton, Tim (b1960) - Australian novelist and short story writer
Yarrell, William (1784 - 1856) - English zoologist, naturalist and writer

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